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Bare "About Face"

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Choy, who is a compliance director at an investment bank, an industry in which she has worked for more than 20 years, has launched, which features her own bath, body and fragrance line, dubbed Bare.

The 253-item assortment features a raft of bath and massage oils; bar soaps; body butters and creams; facial treatment items; fragrances; hair care products; bath gels, scrubs and salts; balms, and lotions. Products come in numerous sizes and fragrances, and range in price from $1.50 for travel-size items to $80 for 8-oz., shea butter-infused body butters.

There’s also a 2-oz. Bare fragrance, called Dare to Be Bare Parfum, which is priced at $225. Choy describes the scent as a dry, alcohol-free floral perfume and it comprises a 50 to 75 percent concentration of essential oils. It is tuberose based and features notes of gardenia, lilac, ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom.

Bare products are handmade by Choy in her studio garden apartment on East 81st Street in New York. “I’m scooping, pumping, ladling and labeling all by myself,” she said, adding she’d like to eventually launch a wholesale business with distribution in specialty beauty stores.

Some of the newest additions to the line include a mint version of Bare’s Transportation Security Administration-approved Bare-fly Travel Satchels. Priced at $99.75, it includes 2-oz. versions of Bare Body Butter, Hair Thickening Shampoo, Hair Thickening Conditioner, Body Bubbles, Face Fighter Wash, Beeswax Lip Balm, Body Lotion and a 5-ml. size of the perfume. The same items are available in 1-oz. versions in Bare’s Le Petit Bare-fly Travel Satchel ($59.75), which also has the 5-ml. version of the perfume.

The mint Bare-fly and Le Petit Bare-fly Travel Satchelswere introduced last week. Hitting later this month are bath and massage oils in eucalyptus spearmint, lavender and jasmine scents. They will be available in 16-, 8-, 4,- 2- and 1-oz. versions for $70, $39.95, $22, $12 and $7, respectively.

Choy, who modeled for Ford Models when she was 15, was inspired to do a beauty line because “I was exposed to beauty then,” she said, discussing her modeling days. “People like cosmetics because it’s a luxury — but it’s an affordable luxury. In recessions, women just don’t give up on their skin care.”

When it comes to making the fragrance, she blends the Dare to Be Bare Parfum ingredients on her kitchen counter — which “looks like a lab now” — making about 4 to 6 oz. of the fragrance at a time “with pipettes,” plus filling “hundreds of sample sizes with an eyedropper.”

Referring to the packaging of the Bare products, she said: “I like doing the turn-of-the-century, apothecary look.”

Choy estimated that, as she develops her beauty business, sales on her Bare Web site could reach $36,000 in the next 12 months, a number she said she thinks could triple with the launch of a wholesale business. Aside from the Web site, Bare is carried at Upper East Side salon Creations by Michael Inc.

On the fashion side, Choy’s Martha’s Closet Web site features Lilly Pulitzer fashion; jewelry from Cheeky Monkey, Beaded Tortoise and D.K. Thornton; dresses; bags, and swimwear. Her Bare beauty products were carried on the Martha’s Closet site until the launch of in January.

Bare "Signature" Body Butter

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 Bare "Signature" Perfume

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Martha Choy

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After the towel and the bikini, don't forget to pack these essentials for a pest-free, burn-free weekend.

Bug Off:  Some bug sprays are so goopy that they can cause a breakout or ruin clean hair. Bare-fly Bug Beware Spray from

Bare is a DEET-free formula that uses cedar oil to keep
the skeeters away. And it's so light in both consistency and
smell, that you can fearlessly go crazy with coverage.
Bare-fly Bug Beware Spray 

By Jane Larkworthy

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When was the last time you sampled one concept that offered more than one favorite solution. Recently we had the opportunity to connect with the most delightful heart-shaped-box and experienced the glorious secrets inside. Nestled inside this beautiful box of beauty secrets are six super powered products: ”Coco” by BARE Lip Liqueur, BARE Shea Butter, BARE-LY LEGAL Solid Pocket Perfume, BARE NAKED Bag Blaster Under Eye Cream, BARE Gardenia Body Butter, BARE Chocolate Massage Oil (as taken directly from the brand’s website). Each product is set in an official candy paper found in a favorite box of chocolates impacting anyone’s emotional draw to revisit their heart again and again. Concerned about this being too commercially driven towards Valentine’s Day? Don’t be. This set sets the tone and the pace for new conversation and great memories. The best part of giving this heart to friends, family, co-workers and even to strangers is that each of the six products are enjoyable, usable and add value to the quality of life.

IMG_7496 (1)

From experience. Our first foray into the recyclable heart was the lip product called “Coco.” One application is sure to curb reality chocolate cravings for hours. We moved into BARE NAKED Bag Blaster Under Eye Cream which offered instant results and thanking our lucky stars that there is plenty left for future use. BARE Shea Butter was a well deserved treat for weary and dry skin at the end of a very long skin. The little lavender pot of fragrance also known as BARE-LY LEGAL Solid Pocket Perfume offered hours-on-end olfactory satisfaction and mystified us with its quality. Being a southerner by birth, the BARE Gardenia Body Butter offered deep skin conditioning with a hint of glorious gardenia. Ahhhh, it was nice to visit the first time and is still nice to refer to. Our final treat nestled in this beautiful box was the BARE Chocolate Massage Oil, offering a full 24-hour skin moisture lock as well as a day-long frolick with the chocolate gods. Yes, it was simple to sample and get lost in this small container of delight. Other things we enjoyed about the concept include the size of the prize and the chic ribbon that tops the entire presentation. The collection has been well put together and offers an array of products that are not only enjoyable but somehow hook one into wanting more and more and more and more….of them. Add this to your gift arsenal or personal care collection at

Have a beautiful and successful week!