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BARE Loofah Soap Bars

Try this marvelous combination of a soft loofah and our special soap!     About Our Special Loofahs    The Loofah is widely used for bathing to exfoliate and invigorate the skin and circulation.    The Loofah Gourd is a member of the Cucurbitaceae ( Gourd ) family. The Loofah is spelled several different ways, for example, Loofah, Luffa or Lufa. It's commonly known as the Washrag Gourd. It is the only plant known that can be raised and used as a sponge. The sponges are very versatile in that they can be used for bathing, washing dishes or scrubbing as well as gift giving and crafts. A distant cousin of the cucumber, Loofah's have been cultivated for bath time luxury for hundreds of Years. Our Loofah's are specially grown to be a softer variety and are not as scratchy as normal Loofah sponges.

Also take a look at our BARE BLOCK SOAP BARS - choose from 14 fragrances of true premium blends of shea butter, concentrated blends of aloe, olive oil and more.  Cold Process Soap: Handmade with high quality vegetable based ingredients, truly made from scratch, in house, from raw materials (not "melt & pour" soap or common glycerin novelty soap, which may look pretty, but is terrible soap).  Our artisan soaps are a great novelty on their own merit, no toys or extraordinary shapes necessary.  Made in the United States- NOT imported- and yet competitively priced.

BARE’s BLOCK Bar Soaps are made with organic ingredients (85%).  These all natural soaps are made with organic oils including: organic palm, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and organic sunflower oil.  Some of the soaps may also include other organic oils like organic shea butter or others.   After our base oils, we add natural essential oils (natural fragrances) to give the soaps a wonderful natural aroma and natural herbs and clays for color.  These soaps are made "BLOCK style" which is a big BLOCK mold which we then cut into sheets, loaves then bars. The BLOCK soaps will have a bit cleaner edge from our slab style soaps and many are available in "rectangle" or "square".

Fragrances currently available:

Lavender Vanilla Goat Milk Loofah Soap 



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