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BARE Signature Solid Pocket Perfume
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BARE "BARE IT ALL" Solid Perfumes   - pure solid fragrances which are portable and spill-free in their own Lucite pot. BARE "BARE" (Signature Fragrance) fragrances made from pure concentrated essential oils and without the alcohol; a little goes a long way!).

Don't know what to give to that special man or woman?  Our sleek, travel friendly, pocket size and portable pots of solid perfume (BARE, BARE "BARE-LY LEGAL", BARE "HEAT" (unisex), BARE "ECSTASY" (unisex), BARE "BRILLIANCE" (unisex)) are perfect if you want to bring one of these BARE fragrances to the office, on a trip,in your purse or pocket for a night out on the town.


Tuberose’s kaleidoscope effect is unique. Its complex floral-heady-jasmine-orange- fruity-lactonic-honeyed-indole aroma makes it a particularly precious, unforgettable ingredient whose singular personality will attract attention in any olfactory composition. Bare is a trendy, urban fragrance with some noticeable citrus top notes. This fragrance is classified as a fresh scent with sparkling notes that refresh, and really put a smile on your face. The fragrance sparkles with its citrus, spicy and woody scent possessing a blend of cedar wood, musk, jasmine, and other spices. It is captivating, powerful and elegant.


A meditative and intoxicating blend that evokes the inspiring ambiance of a garden full of white tuberose blossoms, Lilac, Gardenia and rare blossoms from all over the world. Lose track of time as layers of exotic sensual blossoms transport you to a haven of thoughtful tranquility.

BARE "HEAT" (unisex):

Resplendent with tuberose, sweet honey and ylang. The other cooler, less "loud" flowers round the bouquet so you can smell more than the honeyed sweetness and "rubber" note in the tuberose. The final dry down is heavy with woods, musk and dry earthy patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver. This scent, even though it is a modern reformulation, is divine.

BARE "ECSTASY" (unisex)  (unisex - Men and Women):

A sharp, oriental, woody fragrance- this feminine scent possesses a blend of cedar wood, musk, jasmine, and other spices, and tuberose. All of the notes are turned up to full blast in a rich, creamy and over-the-top fashion.

BARE "BRILLIANCE" (unisex) (unisex - Men and Women):

The fragrance those who dare to be different in a vital over-the-top fashion. BARE "BRILLIANCE" (unisex) blends the sensuality of blood orange and bergamot, with top notes of sandalwood, lavender and ginger in its own portable Lucite pot. Sandalwood and lavender are the main attractions, BACKed by the crisp notes of ivy and eucalyptus paired with musk and black coconut.   Perfect for travel!



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